Environmental Impacts Of Marine Biodiversity

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The state of Florida is known for its beautiful waters and diverse marine ecosystems. Millions of people visit the state each year to vacation and enjoy Florida’s many tourist attractions. One of Florida largest attractions is its fishing. People come from all over the world to experience Florida’s exciting and productive fisheries. Florida is even called the fishing capital of the world. The state not only has the largest number of recreational fisherman in the country it also has the second largest commercial fishing industry. Commercial fishing in Florida has deep historical roots dating all the way back to the 1800s. In some parts of Florida whole towns and economies are centered around the commercial fishing industry. This has led to depleted populations of several fish species in many of these areas. “The commercial extraction of large numbers of individuals from targeted marine populations and the inadvertent by-catch and habitat damage that results from that extraction have been identified as among the "most critical" factors currently affecting marine biodiversity ( Brailovskaya 1236) Due to its environmental impacts, there should be more regulation on commercial fishing including stricter size limits, and bag limits on fish. Implementation of bycatch reduction technologies should be required of all commercial fisherman and no fishing zones should be established.
State regulations and limits of different species have become very controversial and many people…
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