Environmental Impacts Of The Marine Environment

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Problem Statement / Definition of Research Area
This research will look into the problems caused by fishing. Human impact has proved to threaten the bio diversity of the marine environment. The environmental impact of fishing can be divided into issues that involve the availability of fish to be caught, such as overfishing, sustainable fisheries, and fisheries management; and issues that involve the impact of fishing on other elements of the environment, such as by-catch. This research is connected to sustainability, and will look into the living and non-living things that menace the fish in the sea, along with the care resolution that will foster the marine environments feasible future.
The indicated matter was selected for the sake of the marine environment and its beautiful importance. A great deal of leisure time is devoted to fishing both on land and sea. I love the bio diversity of the ocean and regard it as something that needs to be safeguarded.
This topic is also significant for my local community. The oceans species are all unique and many people fish illegally and without caution, therefore we have an environmental responsibility in maintaining sustainable practices. Thus, significantly exploring the living and nonliving factors alarming the ocean including the current policies enforced toward safeguarding the ocean is important.
Research Questions
1) What is overfishing?
2) What are the causes of overfishing?
3) How effective have the…
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