Environmental Impacts Of Transport Systems

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4. Discussions Transportation systems are linked with a wide range of environmental considerations at all geographical scales, from the global to the local. The nature of these environmental impacts is related to the transport modes themselves, their energy supply systems, their emissions and the infrastructures over which they operate. While consuming large quantities of energy, especially oil, vehicles also emits numerous pollutants such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and noise and transport infrastructures have damaged many ecological systems. Several of the environmental impacts of transport systems have been externalized, implying that the benefits of mobility are realized by a few while the costs are assumed by the whole…show more content…
Conversely, the Dry Canal it was such an old idea, and still in the stage of planning and establishment. Anyway these historical legacies shaped both the politics and economics of the two countries.
• The Dry Canal-Iraq is a main internal and international transporting route. In contrast, the Grand Canal is playing an equally active role in contributing to promote the main internal transporting. In Otherwise, The Dry Channel is an additional force to several kinds of transportation, such like Expressways, Railways, Airways and Rivers (Tigris and Euphrates) in Iraq, nevertheless compared to its counterpart, the Grand Canal gives the impression to be open to a broader range of a great internal waterway.
• While both projects seem to be shared in issues concerning transporting and trading, Dry Canal seem to be more interested in shipment and transporting time 's schedule of goods issues than the Grand Canal, the period of freight 's movement have a greater influence on the economic feasibility of each project.
• In other hand, The build 's reason of these two projects is similar, this is reflected in the focus on economical and administrative areas, the both projects appears to be more concerned with micro and focal issues, such as development the transporting process.
• By the nature of each project, we can see that both of them shared the characteristic of creation in
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