Environmental Impacts of Tourism in Bhutan

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Environmental Impacts of Tourism in Bhutan
The concept of tourism development in Bhutan took place in post 1974 period during the reign of late majesty, King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk in national assembly. However, tourism business begun its operation with 274 tourist in 1974 at the time of coronation of fourth king, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuk and since then tourism business started growing in Bhutan. Tourism is now recognized as having considerable potential as a tool for development and as a contributor to national revenue. In other words, the Royal Government of Bhutan now recognizes that its tourism industry is second only to hydropower in terms of its potential to generate foreign exchange and provide for national sustainable
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A variety of tourist activities bring impact upon vegetation. They include the following activities and effects;
The collection of flowers, orchids and plants can result in changes in species composition.
Deliberate chopping of trees for tent poles and firewood in the cold places like Gasa, Trongsa and Lhuntse are done. People say this creates some sort of impact on vegetation if it is continued. For example, such practices have removed many younger trees from forests which alter the age structure of the plant community. This also leaves fewer trees to mature and provide shelter for the site.
Lack of proper inspection by the government in high altitude campsites like the one in Taupang campsite in Trashiyantse, the tourists are not concerned about the waste and they leave behind the waste in the area. This can result in changes in nutrient status of soils and damage ecology by blocking out air and light.
The Bhutanese tour agents are making camping program in their itinerary list. As a result of camping, it also brings impact environment. For instance, the construction of campsites in Nabji-Khorphu trial in Trongsa has involved in the removal of vegetation. The camping has similar effect to trampling and the damage extends into the surrounding area with the development of trials and picnic sites.
Within the
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