Environmental Influences On Soccer

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The people of the United States have been increasingly interested in soccer, both in terms of viewing and playing respectively. This rapid growth is not just related to soccer though, people’s background and environmental influences have also played a large role. I wish to explore how these factors affect attitudes towards activities such as soccer. There are many things that go into affecting the way that Americans receive soccer. The idea that the game itself is a foreign game, that it wasn’t created here by Americans, is something that some people use to put it into a negative light. That is a polarizing perspective, because for other people, they take a liking to the game because of the fact that it is something different, and that if they themselves are from a different part of the world, this is something that is more comfortable for them to take an interest in. It’s almost as if the two of you have something in common, and even something as subtle as that is why many people pique their interest in the game. Some people who claim to be truly American are quick to judge things that are not deemed “American” under their own definitions of what makes something American. Meanwhile, if you look at America itself, the whole basis of it was that it was a magnificent melting pot of many different …show more content…

This is good for things such as soccer, where a refreshment in the interest was just what the sport needed to become a big hit with the people. Further encouragement in this way of thinking, in addition with the increasing support of the sport allow for new opportunities for both players and viewers. Where people were more resistant in their thinking and view on things, people are more excited to check out something new, or to try and hear a different viewpoint on a situation, and not shoot it down as fast as

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