Environmental Issue Raised By The Mining Industry

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The mining industry has seen an explosive growth from the past few decades. It has played an important role in economic growth, infrastructure development and a raise in the living standard of the whole world. According to the Australian National Accounting System, the mining sector has made contributions of 9.8% GDP growth to the Australian economy between 2008 to 2009 (Australia Bureau of Statistics, 2012). However, the mining industry has caused many environmental issues such as adverse effect to air, land and water quality and continues to affect global environment as a whole. According to the World Health Organization, it evaluated that 25% of worldwide death are directly associated with environmental pollution (Blacksmith Institute, n.d). This essay will outline the environmental issue raised by the mining industry with pinpoint focus on the effects to air, water and land. It will also provide strategies for mining companies to improve the environmental conditions. Surface mining process include the excavation of overburden including the profitable topsoil and regular vegetation has spread to meet the mineral ores (singh, et al. 2010). These activities are connected with destructive impact to neighborhood. Proper planning needs to be done in mining since it is a short term environmental activity with long term hazards. There are several measures which can be implemented to prevent the harmful effects of mining. Mining exercise are completed in different stages, each
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