Environmental Issues And Food Waste

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Food waste is one of the most wasteful forms of consumption in Australia. Research shows that we commonly waste food because too much food was cooked; goes off before the best before date, too much has been purchased, inadequate stock or poorly planned meal and menus. (Love Food Hate Waste. 2015) Around forty-seven percent of the wastes produced in metropolitan areas are typically food and green waste. Over 4.2 million tonnes of food waste is disposed to landfill in Australia each year. Around 1.5 million tonnes of this comes from the commercial and industrial sector, costing around $10.5 billion in waste disposal and lost product- not to mention the effect on our environment. (Bowling. D 2015)

Scope of Study
Area of Study- Contemporary + Future Issues This is topic is mainly focused on contemporary issues and food waste is considered to be contemporary.
The focus questions that will underpin the investigation include the following:
1. Guiding Question 1: What type of general waste is generated by food businesses and why is it a concern?
2. Guiding Question 2: What are the current strategies being implemented to minimize food wastage?
3. Guiding Question 3: What would encourage or prevent business from taking greater responsibility to minimize their food waste?

This investigation used both primary and secondary sources, majority of which being books, websites, videos, surveys and interviews. Interviews were planned to be conducted with

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