Environmental Issues Of Bp

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Stakeholders can often have a differing sense of concerns when it comes to BP, as one of their focuses is to make sure that the company is in good standing with the consumer and practicing ethically and safely. In 2016, some stakeholders have raised concerns about the potential environmental and community impacts of hydraulic fracturing during unconventional gas development. In response to this concern, BP mentioned that they would seek to apply responsible well design practices to mitigate these risks. The 2016 Annual Report also published this chart of a comparison of safety events over the last 3 years, showing that there were more oil spills than 2015. BP’s desire to simplify their procedures and keep responsible practices in effect…show more content…
Safety wise, they state that their approach will build on experience, including learning from incidents, operations audits, annual risk reviews and sharing lessons learned with industry peers ("BP Annual Report 2016", 2016). This shows their willingness to open up and collaborate with others, possibly their competition, in order to ensure that there are no workplace or environmental disasters.
How I (as a business student and based on my research) view the organization. How you think the company is doing compared to others within their industry? What are they doing right? – what are they doing wrong? – is the company positioned for a successful, sustainable future Based on the research conducted and what I know about BP, I do see BP as a successful business looking to come back from a disaster that may not have been handled the best publically. Undoubtedly, BP has major global influence and with it holding 19.75% shareholding in Rosneft, the largest oil company in Russia and the largest publicly traded oil company in the world, the aspirations that BP has for the future seems promising ("BP Annual Report 2016", 2016). It is hard to look past the major oil disaster that shook the company’s reputation and forced them to rebrand and reshape their overall strategy. However, as a business student, I can appreciate the idea of wanting to get involved in the
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