Environmental Issues Of Global Reuse And Recycling Of Personal Electronic Devices

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Environmental Issues of Global Reuse and Recycling of Personal Electronic Devices Introduction: Today, more than 75% of the world’s population owns some sort of personal electronic device that is able to connect to the internet. These devices are important towards the lives of many and can cause severe damage towards the constantly warming environment. Current Issues Related to Organic Chemistry: As the introduction states, more than 75% of the worlds population is involved in this issue. Anyone who owns one or more devices including a cell phone, a computer, an iPod and anything that acts as a lightweight consumer can harm the environment now and in the future. Many different groups, organizations and corporations have been created…show more content…
This organization is working with the government of Ontario and Bill 151. On November 26th 2015 the government created this new waste reduction and resource recovery legislation act. Computer scientists and environmental scientists have started working together to discover ways new ways to make electronics more environmentally friendly and to create new devices that can help the environment. For four days in June, two hundred computer and environmental scientists were working together for the First International Conference on Computational Sustainability, held at Cornell University. The goal of this conference was to develop mathematical models and methods needed to help solve the problems confronting sustainability in this rapidly developing environment. At the Conference a professor and his student said that they “are optimizing the placement of sensors to detect contamination in drinking water distribution systems.” These two scientists have also developed an algorithm that allows lake-trolling, sensor-equipped robots to be able to detect algal bloom and predict where it will occur next even if there is no previous data. The public opinion on this issue is that while many people have electronic devices, they do not ever think about the consequences that may come if they are not recycled. Electronic companies including best buy and staples have placed recycling
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