Environmental Issues Of Global Warming

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Angelina Ricca
Mr. Goddard
Environmental Issues Term Paper
December 2014

There are many controversial topics and ideas in the realm of environmental issues. These controversies stretch anywhere from the concept of global warming to the issue of invasive species. One particularly notable specific issue within the bounds of the environment is the controversial Keystone Pipeline. The debate over whether the pipeline is a viable solution to the transportation of oil has been enlarging the rift between those for and those against its creation and implementation. The pipeline would serve to deliver tremendous amounts of petroleum from the Oil Sands in Canada all the way to the Gulf Coast. As the two sides of the issue continue to disagree
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This phase of the project was completed in June of 2010 ("Keystone Pipeline Starts Deliveries to U.S. Midwest"). Phase two is the Keystone-Cushing Extension that runs from Steele City to storage and distribution facilities in Oklahoma. This phase of the project was completed in February 2011 ("Keystone 's Cushing Extension Begins Deliveries to Oklahoma"). Phase three is the Gulf Coast Extension, which runs from Cushing to refineries in Texas. A terminal for phase three began in August 2012 and will be completed in 2015 ("Keystone 's Cushing Extension Begins Deliveries to Oklahoma"). The fourth phase of the project is the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline. This phase would essentially duplicate the first phase of the project. In doing so it will create a pipe with a more direct route and a larger diameter from Alberta to Nebraska ("About The Project").
The construction of such a widespread project requires a presidential permit because of the fact that it crosses country boarder lines. Through Executive Order 13337, the President directs the Secretary of State to decide whether or not such a project is in the best interest of the nation (Executive Summary). There are many factors to be considered prior to making a decision on the approval or disapproval of a project of such a grand caliber. The United States Department of State makes their decision based on factors such as
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