Environmental Issues Of Human Rights Violations

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At both the international and domestic levels, defining the environmental issues as human rights violations in legal terms is a complex task. However, in the last decade, petitions and suit cases against climate change issue were gradually filed. In 2006, the first suit case against the Environmental Protection Agency was reached to the U.S Supreme Court (Aminzade, 2006). A petition claimed that climate change through emissions and air pollutants caused harm to public health and welfare. This case grabbed the attention of multiple environmental agencies; it also gained support from political and human rights activists figures (Aminzade, 2006). Another petition in 2004 by Inuit claimed that the U.S climate change policy violated the human rights to life, the right to health, and movement (Goldberg & Wagner, 2004). The Inuit petition describes how climate change is affecting the Arctic environment on which the Inuit depend. It argued that climate change violates the Inuit rights, including the right to life, health, and property. Based on the petition, the Inuit’s right to life is violated because critical food resources are threatened by climate change, and unpredicted weather events can cause loss of life (Knox, 2009). The Inuit community also argued that climate change interferes with their right to health by damaging fish on which they depend on for nutrients, and by diminishing the quality of their drinking water and increasing the spread of diseases (Knox, 2009).…

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