Environmental Issues Of Invasive Mussels

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There are many environmental issues across the world. They range from many different areas. In the oceanic category of environmental issues, invasive mussels are a vast issue to our man-made waters and lakes. There are many types of invasive mussels in our lakelets. To illustrate: Zebra and Quagga mussels. We must become aware, and raise awareness as to what they are doing to the waters. They cause concerns regarding our recreation and dishearten the basic makeup of our oceanic food chain. There are solutions in place respecting the issue. We must study as to what these invasive mussels are doing to our environment, and how much it will impact the food chain. Zebra and Quagga mussels are creatures, similar to clams that diminish nutrients in the water mouths, and reproduce expeditiously. For example, in the article “Invasive Mussels” by the Utah DNR, it states, “They are small clam-like creatures that reproduce rapidly and deplete nutrients in the water.” This shows the initial evidence given. We must fathom what invasive mussels are doing to our water basins. As well, we need to become aware of the depletion of water nutrients, that are necessary to survival of the species. Invasive mussels have become a crucial environmental issue. Let’s see how and what happens when they impact our location. The Zebra and Quagga mussels threaten our recreation and structures. As well, they jeopardize the oceanic food chain. A reference to this is in the article “Invasive Mussels” by
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