Environmental Issues Of The Planet

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Environmental Issues Name: Institution: Environmental Issues Introduction The sustainability of the planet has become an issue of contention in the recent past due to numerous environmental issues. Human activities have brought about various climate changes that may bring about the extinction of the human race on earth. Issues such as climate change, recycling, sewage, ozone, pollution have all been addressed in the Kyoto protocol, but the proposed solution in this protocol have not been fully implemented by the countries across the globe. The world has changed due to the environmental issues that affect us in a negative manner. It is important to keep in mind that various steps have been taken so as to address the environmental issues and to bring about favorable conditions as a result of the human activities. Secondly, there are bound to be disagreements and disputes in the measures that will be adopted when responding to these environmental issues. The aim of this paper is to discuss the environmental issues by determining their consequences to the sustainability of the planet. Some of the topics discussed in this paper include climate change, recycling, sewage, ozone, pollution and the Kyoto protocol just to name but a few. Many countries around the world have adopted innovative technologies due to the sensitive nature and the need for a rapid response. These technologies will help to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. An example of
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