Environmental Issues On Sustainability Management

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In contemporary society, the importance of sustainability has aroused public attention and debate. This is because pollution is growing day-by-day with every second that time passes. It is like a bad dream that not only destroys our environment but also ruins our ecosystem and life cycle. Every single living, as well as the non-living creature, is affected by pollution. Therefore, due to increasing community concern firms are constantly in search of solutions to the existing environmental issues on sustainability management. They achieve this using economic incentives as well as partnerships with various organizations (Wright 83). Businesses claim sustainability as a means of improvement for both the organization and its stakeholders. It can be achieved by the government, corporation and society working together to achieve long-term goals. Companies are paying attention to change the production methods which have considerable wastes and loss to recycling or reusing to reduce environmental impact. An example is the Levi Strauss & Company which sustainably enhanced its garments. The firm developed a division catered to social and environmental sustainability. This strategy entailed devising plans that would reduce the wastes of water and encourage recycling. The department approved of less use of water and pesticides by the cotton farmers as well as washing less of their jeans by its customers. Also, it integrated recycled plastic into their garments and aimed at recycling
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