Environmental Issues in China

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As our population is growing, when we are taking it for granted to ask the nature for resource we want, environmental protection is becoming more and more important and necessary. Water protection is especially urgent now. We can see the water pollution is becoming worse. In this essay, I am going to talk about the recent situation of the water pollution, the bad effects of it and some ways help to solve the problem as well. As we know, China is a big country as well as a developing country. Developing countries need to develop quickly so that they can catch up with those developed ones; as a result, many enterprises in china keep running days and nights, which let out effluent continuously at the same time they gain profit. Another…show more content…
S.,2006 online)Water can be reused after being purged. The use of recycled and conserved fresh water will help the city where water is in short supply. Thirdly, government also has to build some waste water disposal area and have the water examined regularly. From data and examples have been showed above we have learned about the recent environmental situation in China and can find out how severely water pollution problem is, not only from effluent made by factories but also from the domestic sewage made by public. For the sake of this, public, industries and government should endeavor to solve this problem. If everybody makes a contribution to solve these issues and protect environment, our country, China, will become much more beautiful and peaceful. Reference: Websites Beijing Today, (2006), Songhua River Is Unsafe, [online], last accessed on 20 March 2007 at URL http://bjtoday.ynet.com/article.jsp?oid=7526619 Chu, S.,(2007), Water Recycle Plan Was Suggested, [online], last accessed on 19 February 2007 at URL http://www.lifeofguangzhou.com/node_10/node_37/node_85/2007/02/05/117063779314815.shtml Economic News, (2006),Threatened Water on the Farmland, [Online], last accessed on 20 March 2007 at URL http://news.xinhuanet.com/politics/2006-10/12/content_5192461 Guanghou Daily, (2006), 80% of Disease is Caused by Dirty Water Ministry of water resources, (2006), 400 cities
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