Environmental Issues of Today

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Environmental issues have been a topic of much debate lately. With the drastic weather changes and uncontrollable climate, global warming has received much deserved attention. Despite the warning of the potential damage that global warming can cause the Earth, no one has really paid much attention to it. However, now that there has been plenty of proof and numerous events that have occurred as a direct result of global warming, the topic is beginning to be taken more seriously. The environmental issue that I have been most aware of is global warming, despite there also being other problems that need to be taken into consideration. It is worrisome to think of the effects that global warming will have on the future of our planet. Although it can be difficult to think that far ahead, the effects that our grandchildren will feel are real. According to both of the videos viewed, it is never too late to do something about the status of the planet. The damage sustained so far can be repaired if everyone makes it one of their priorities to do so. Drastic weather changes are something that we have all felt as of lately. Hurricanes are developing in uncommon areas and tornados seem to be spawning out of nowhere, at a more consistent rate. The damage that is being done to the Earth itself as a result of global warming is what is creating these events. The loss of life that has been sustained due to these natural disasters makes global warming something that is felt more personally.
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