Environmental Justice Issue Of Environmental Discrimination Into The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

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Introduction I propose to add the environmental justice issue of environmental discrimination into the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. To do so, I will investigate specific issues and regulation deficiencies that are negatively impacting the Great Lakes’ reserves, and develop a plan of action on your behalf. As you are aware, protecting the Great Lakes is critically important. It is not only the largest source of freshwater in the United States but in the whole world. Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin border the Great Lakes, and all of those states use it as a water source for a total of about 10 million people. Since the passing of the Clean Water Act, industries like U.S. Steel Industry have been using the loopholes found in the bill to further their profit, and as a side effect has caused damage to the water supply, disproportionately affecting people in marginalized communities. By using these loopholes, the Great Lakes are continually polluted, which causes appalling damage to the millions of people who use the water for drinking and other water-centric necessities. Also, aging infrastructure causes leaking pipes, corroding pipes that jeopardize the water systems, and failing sewage treatment plants. These infrastructure problems not only disproportionate effect marginalized communities but all communities suffer when the Great Lakes become polluted. Since there is already an initiative to combat
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