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Exposed to Sunlight Does Not Reduce the Microbial Communities in an Aquatic Ecosystem
Sekora Martinez
Wendy Guzman, Jasmine Jones, Lou Lindley
BIOL 1442_002; Danielle Rivera; July 27, 2016

Clean water is the key component to surviving life. Yet, there is some water that is contaminated that can cause disease or death if not treated right away. To determine rather the sun has a positive or negative effect on rather or not microbial grow more in an aquatic environment, three samples of water were tested from a local creek. Water that was primarily in a shaded area, where no sunlight could reach and water that was completely exposed to sunlight, with a control variable of sterilized water from the class room. Each sample was left in a stable
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There were different sizes of each microbial but the average size for the water exposed to sunlight was 0.7mm in section one, 1.5mm in section two, and 0.5 in section three (table 1). The agar plate with a tap, sterilized water, had the largest microbial in size at about 1.7 mm. The light exposed water had an increase in size from section one at 0.5 mm to 1.1 in section 3.
Analyzing each plate, there was a physical feature that was easily identify for example the surface, texture color and elevation. In the lighted plate, each section had a smooth surface appearance, section 1 had a rigid texture but sections 2 and 3 had a buttery texture. Each section had a yellow color to it and its elevation was raised just enough to be noticed. The shaded plate had sections 1 and 3 with a smooth surface, buttery texture, yellow-whitish color and both raised in elevation. While as section 2 with a rough surface and rigid texture, a tan color and was completely flat in elevation. The plate with sterilizing water had no growing microbial in sections 1 or 2 but in section 3 there was one large microbial that was rough, fuzzy, yellow and convex. There is a clear difference between each agar plate with size, diversity, and
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