Environmental Management Concern : New Zealand 's Biodiversity Strategy Essay

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Topical environmental management concern New Zealand’s Biodiversity Strategy (2000) is a policy from the Department of Conservation (DOC) in which the aim of its third goal is to stop the decline of the country’s indigenous biodiversity. Goal 3 focuses on ecosystems and natural habitats in order to conserve species and biodiversity. This will be achieved by (i) restoring and maintaining a variety of ecosystems and habitats as well as (ii) restoring and maintaining sustainable populations of indigenous species; across the natural range of these species as well as maintaining the genetic diversity of these species ((DOC), 2000) . In order to realise this goal by 2020 timeframe stipulated in the strategy, the in depth knowledge about the status and ecosystems of these species is required. A part of the Biodiversity Strategy is that a “substantive review” is to be undertaken after a time frame of 5 years, in 2015, in order to access the “goals, roles, governance arrangements, objectives and priority actions” ((DOC), 2000, p. 130). The report ‘Synthesis Report: Review of the New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy’ (2015) highlighted 8 ‘building blocks’ that are now in place as a direct consequence of the Biodiversity Strategy. However, the report also highlighted ‘building blocks’ which are still required, most notably “indicators for biodiversity and biosecurity, linked to regional and national monitoring and reporting systems” (Green & Clarkson, 2015, p. 1). Peer reviewed journals
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