Environmental Management Of Mining From New Acland Coal Mine

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ENVM3305- Environmental Management in Mining

Field report- New Acland Coal Mine

Name: Sâmara Oliveira
Student number: s4338824

The minerals are indispensable for the maintenance of industrial activity, since products such as automobiles, machinery, tractors, cement, among others, are manufactured from raw materials coming from this extraction and that these activities are often energetically dependents on certain minerals, such as coal for example.
However, the mining activity promotes direct impacts on nature, leading to environmental degradation. It is an activity that extracts resources that are on the ground or underground, from where various types of minerals (gold, silver, iron ore, tin, bauxite, and many others) are removed.
Like all exploitation of natural resources, the mining activity causes impacts on the environment both in the exploitation of natural areas and waste generation. It intensely alters the mined area and the surrounding areas, where deposits of waste and tailings are made. Furthermore, when we have the presence of harmful chemicals in the ore processing stage, this could mean a serious problem from an environmental point of view (de Freitas, 2014).
According to Souza Silva (2007), the main problems arising from the mining can be grouped into five categories: water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, land subsidence, fires caused by coal and radioactive waste.
Through this report will be made a specific of the
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