Environmental Management System and Business Efficiency

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Environmental Management System and Business Efficiency A printing company has various environmental and environmental management issues to deal with. For Marks Printing Company, the main environmental and business concern is the volume of business and printed-paper from the five-year contract. The contract is awarded to the company on condition it has a proven commitment to environmental management. The expectation is the company has an operational environmental management system (EMS). Key concern for the contractor is the ability for Marks Company to manage and dispose the huge amounts of waste generated inform of paper, the recycling and use of recycled paper. This also includes the management and proper disposal of waste high in ink, since printing ink has heavy metals or oil products like the petroleum based printing ink. The third environmental concern is the management and disposal of sludge from pulp paper with de-inked paper. This is with the removal of unused ink, waste paper, and contaminated waste, the storage of damping alcohol, solvents, liquid waste, and blanket wash at the car park, creating health, and safety concerns. Fourthly, the contractor expects the EMS plan to handle energy consumption, since printing companies are huge consumers of power. This is especially from the use of a 12-year-old press, computer monitors using traditional CRT, and the installation of the conditioning and extraction system. This goes along with the efficient management
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