Environmental Planning : Australia, Environment And Planning Laws

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Environmental Planning in Australia

Executive summary

In Australia, environment and planning laws are integrally linked and legislation aims to balance the right to use and develop property with the need to preserve and protect environmental quality. An intergenerational report is presented every 5 years which shows the country’s plans for next 40 years to preserve the environment which includes different aspects like land, water, ecosystem etc. and use the resources in a way so that there are enough resources for future generations. In this report we will be discussing how the intergenerational repot of 2015 is going to help to sustain the environment.


Environmental planning is the process of evaluating how social, political, economic and governing factors affect the natural environment when considering development. The goal of environmental planning is to come up with a win-win situation for society and the environment. With successful environmental planning, society wins by being able to use the area in productive ways, and the environment wins by being able to sustain itself for future generations. It is about protecting natural ecosystem and environment, protecting and enhancing land, water and air quality. It also includes promoting sustainability and waste reduction and Ensuring that actions result in a net gain to natural systems.


Situation Analysis

The 2015 Intergenerational Report flagged that Australia, like the rest
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