Environmental Policies Of The United States

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Over the years the United States ' environmental policies have expanded as well as the awareness of the public and the opinions of many party members, interest groups, and those directly effected by the environment 's decline. There are many institutions that have an effect on environmental policy like congress, many federal agencies, the office of management and budget and the executive branch, nongovernmental forces, individual citizens, and the main one, the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (Cohen, Steven). America 's general belief is more contrary to objective reality. Many Americans fear sever water and air pollution over the next 50 years. This is because of industrialization, population growth, and mass consumption. The public have recently started pushing environmental problems to the top of the political agenda. Support for the environmental policies in the United States comes from the way individuals assess the environment, and their perception of the governmental regulation of the environment and their relative evaluation of the line between environmental protection and economic forces (Carman, Christopher). Interest groups have been the catalyst of getting environmental information out to the public. They have researched and studied and are made up of individuals with drives to help the world. They passionately push for change in the way America views the environment. America needs to be leaders of the world especially when it comes to saving it
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