Environmental Policies Of The United States

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Environmentalists did get more power after the victory of DPP, as they for the first time were able to enter the state arena and took part in the policy making process. Environmentalist scholars were also given positions in the public sector, marking a step forward in the Taiwanese political history. However, the environmentalists did not see the implement of all the policies and environmental laws that they longed for. Instead, they found their previous ally now submit for the demand of better economic performance. According to Ho, this is because Taiwan had became a 'weaken state ' after the democratic institutions ' establishment due to DPP’s lack of experience and influence in the political circle. DPP did not enjoy parliamentary majority and faced many obstacles while trying to implement it’s policies as the opposing KMT still holds a considerable amount of power in the public sector. DPP’s tradition of being the opposing minority also means that it does not have the experience on actual ruling, which could be problematic at the same time. All kinds of ideas could permeate easily though a weaken state, meaning that not only the environmentalists’ but also the capitalists’ claims would have great influence in policy making. DPP was also trapped in the dilemma of whether to fulfil its promises to the environmentalists or to go for the pro-economic standing to make itself a more 'electable ' party to the general public. These would mark the new resistance Taiwanese
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