Environmental Pollution And Its Effects On The Country Of Indonesia

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With both a growing population and a booming industrial economy, the country of Indonesia is experiencing rapidly growing pollution issues, including: mass deforestation, smog, water pollution, and various other forms of environmental destruction. As a poverty ridden nation lead by a government with too few resources at its disposal the issues of extreme pollution are often put on hold to other societal issues. In Indonesia, many forms of environmental pollution / destruction are not only affecting their population of well over a hundred million people, but also the surrounding areas, these forms of pollution include: water, deforestation, and air.

In a recent analysis of Indonesia’s water problems, it was estimated that at least 70 percent of the 220 million people living in Indonesia do not have access to piped water (Petros, accessed 11/20/14). This issue leaves people with no other option but to bathe, wash, and even drink out of unsanitary rivers and watering holes. So, what exactly causes all of this water pollution in the first place? The easiest answer to that question is people, and their lack of consideration for the environment. Dumping of toxic and dangerous materials into water have been a major issue in Indonesia for a long time now, and it is only getting worse with increased industrialization. Illegal dumping has especially been bad the past 40-50 years as Indonesia 's mostly non-existent pollution controls have allowed industries to discharge…
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