Environmental Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment

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One of the biggest problems that the world faces today is environmental pollution. The increasing demand for goods and resource consumption are destroying this world. The environment is deteriorating fast along with its ability to support life for future generations. Therefore, who is responsible for the deterioration of the world? Industrialized nations who contribute tons of toxic waste per day or individuals who are not aware of their impact on the environment. According to Derrick Jensen in his essay, “Forget Shorter Showers” (p.564), industries cause more harm to nature by consuming resources and producing waste; nevertheless, Margaret Lundberg writes in her essay, “Eating Green” (p.570) that individuals’ demand for resources and unhealthy habits are contributing to the earth pollution. One difference is that Jensen believes that industries consume the most resources while Lundberg argues that individuals are the main reason for such consumption. To begin, Jensen says that the lack of water and excessive energy consumption are not the individual’s fault, but industry’s fault. According to Jensen, people consume just 10% of water while the remaining 90% serves agriculture and other major industries. Jensen declares that “if people die, they are not dying because the world is out of water, but because the water is being stolen by industries” (p.565). Energy consumption is another intriguing point that Jensen address. For instance, Jensen explains that individual
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