Environmental Pollution Of The Dandora Municipal Waste Dumping Site

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Introduction to the Dandora Municipal Waste dumping site
Over the last three decades, public health states that there has been a growing global distress that attributed to environmental pollution, in specific, the global burden disease. This problem is increasing slowly. According to the World Health Organization about a quarter of the disease facing mankind today occur due to persistent exposure to environmental pollution. Several of these environment-related diseases are hard to detect and may have been developed as a child and progress later in adulthood. One of the main problems that cause environmental pollution and degradation in many cities, and mainly in developing countries is the improper management of solid waste. Municipal waste dumping site is entitled places for waste disposal. Depending on a city’s level of waste management, waste can be literally dumped, separated for recycling purposes, or simply burnt. Poor waste management poses an enormous challenge to the health of city residents, especially those who live near the dump sites. The waste can potentially pollute water, food sources, land, air and vegetation. Poorly dumping waste can lead to environmental degradation, destruction of the ecosystem, and risks to the public health.

Environmental pollution & Impacts of Exposure
Heavy metals are metallic elements that exist in environments both natural and contaminated environments. In natural environments, they occur at low concentrations, while in…
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