Environmental Problems Caused The World

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Environmental Problems are not something to be ignored.
Pollution, overpopulation, deforestation, and global warming are just some of the environmental problems that impact the world. These environmental problems can severely damage our world, and could possibly be the downfall or destruction of the world, as well as the human race. All of the four previously mentioned problems can cause environmental destruction. For example; pollution causes global warming, and the warmer weather from global warming causes the glaciers and polar ice caps to melt. The melting of the glaciers and polar ice caps make the water levels rise, and when the water level rises, people 's homes get destroyed, so then more people have to move inland. With more people inland, there becomes more overpopulation, pollution from all of the cars and factories, deforestation to make more homes, and less room to grow food, or to hold animals that provide food. These environmental problems become an example of the ripple effect, where one event leads into another, which then also leads into another, growing larger and larger. People should confront the environmental problems, because they affect us negatively, damage our world, and population.
Global warming is probably one of the most widely discussed environmental issues that does the most damage, out of all of the environmental problems. Global warming was not recognized until a Swedish scientist, by the name of Svante Arrhenius, was the first to claim
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