Environmental Problems Of Global Warming

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Along with the rapid economic development in the past several decades, environmental problems come to the public’s attention recently. People from different countries all around the world start to pay more attention to the environmental issues. One of the most concerned issues is global warming which is mostly caused by the greenhouse gases emissions. Global warming will lead to long-lasting changes in our climate and may threaten people’s health and welfare for current and future generations. [1] United States Environmental Protection Agency finds that in 2012, the electric power sector accounted for 32% of U.S. total greenhouse gas emissions. [1] Power plants are the largest source of U.S. CO2 emissions. [1] Since the
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All over the world, sea levels will rise, perhaps by as much as 20 to 40 cm, by the beginning of the next century. Higher sea levels will threaten the low-lying coastal areas of the world, such as the Netherlands and Bangladesh. Consequently, millions of people will have to leave their homes and large areas of farmland will be ruined because of floods.
Besides, the changes in the weather will do the damages to the various kinds of crops grown in different parts of the world. Many plants, such as maize and sugarcane, do not grow in higher temperature. Changes in the amount of rainfall will also harm many plants’ grow. This will lead to some countries not having enough food. Brazil, parts of Africa, south-east Asia, and China will be affected the most and many people could suffer from hunger.

Current Technologies
Since its first commercial use in powering the industrial era during the 1700s, coal has been the dominate fuel for industry and power generation. At its peak in 1947, the coal industry in the United States employed over 500,000 miners and removed over a billion short tons of coal from the earth [1][2]. In recent years, these numbers have dropped to employing 80,396 people and mining 984.8 million short tons of coal in 2013 [3].
Approximately 86 percent of the coal mined in the United States is used for energy production, the most common of these being using coal for combustion
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