Environmental Protection Is A Trending Topic

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Environmental protection is a trending topic not only in industries but also in architectures. Finding a solution that could minimum the pollution to surrounding environment and save the resources at the same time is crucial for architects in the process of design. Large amount of architects accepted the practice of involving more daylight in their architects to save more resources. An abundant supply of natural lighting can also save money and improve the visual quality of the environment. However, for buildings with different functions, the usage and requirement of light are also different, in particular, the libraries and art museums. The development of a new architectural form, museums, had greatly changed the traditional classical architectures into innovative modern architectures. Jayne Merkel, a historian and critic, identifies three elements that control and define this development in museums as “lighting, security, and procession through space.” Unlike those traditional rectilinear space that isolated from the outside world where even light were mostly artificial, museums are now increasingly open to natural light and paying more attention on introducing strong spacial experience of the visitors. Lighting in museums, especially art museum, is crucial for creating best views of exhibitions. Controlling the lighting is particularly important that it should have minimum damage to the arts. This is especially challenging in art museums with full glass roofing, for

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