Environmental Psychology Article Analysis

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Environmental Psychology Article Analysis Introduction The paper will critically analyze three chosen articles related to the field of environmental psychology. Important facts highlighted in the article, the week and strong points of the article and most importantly the impact that the article has on the field of environmental psychology will be discussed in the paper. The first article is the fifth chapter "Coping with Stress" taken from the book "Health psychology," 2nd ed.) written by Richard O. Straub in 2007. The three main points that have been focused on in the chosen chapter include different ways of responding to stress, different kinds of therapies that are available for dealing with the stress and understanding different kinds of factors that can help in coping with the stress. The chapter has taken a start with a short story where three youngsters involved in rash driving face an accident in which the one of the three is killed instantly. This leads to post traumatic stress in the remaining two teenagers (Straub, 2007, p. 117). The authors have highlighted different ways in which adopted coping strategies, gender influence, a person's race, personal beliefs, ethnicity, and the chosen coping strategies play an important role in controlling and managing stress in one's life. The personality based factors as argued by the authors that lead to reduced stress and more competitiveness in individuals include being more resilient, optimistic and hardy while being
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