Environmental Psychology

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Environmental Psychology Paper
Robyn A. Cole
August 13, 2012
PSY 460
Edward A. Muhammad, M.S.

Environmental Psychology
For more than the past ten years, the field of psychology has covered drawn out analysis and delved into the correlation among human beings and the environment. Clayton and Myers state that, “Recent quantitative assessments of the human impact on nature give a sobering picture: the
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment found that about 60% of the earth’s ecosystem services are being used unsustainably” (2009, p. 1). This study has implies that ecological changes affect the revolutionalization in human behavior. The force of continuing environmental changes persistently influence human behavior and the
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Kahn continues to assert that in the midst of the technology accessible these days, technological nature involving immersive virtual environments, videos and live webcams of nature, and robot animals, initiate the term environmental generational amnesia. Environmental generational amnesia brings to mind that constituent of every generation put together their thought of what is environmentally usual established on the natural world they encountered in early days. With every succeeding generation, the quantity of environmental dilapidation could augment, except every generation believes this ruined situation the same as a usual encounter (Kahn, Severson, Ruckert, 2009).
Research in the Field of Environmental Psychology
It is vital that study and research is implemented hence any theory to restrain in this field of psychology. This research will substantiate the significance of the theory or hypothesis. Research in the field of environmental psychology is imperative, the same as it is for every other science. As said by Clayton & Myers (2009), sympathetic human behavior, whether in whole or in part, is in the same way significant. The connection involving human behavior and the environment help psychologists to link the space relating to the multifaceted preferences which a person chooses their existence. Appreciative of the reason a
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