Environmental Racialization

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Environmental racialization is a common problem that can’t be proven without intentionality. Although, there are some cases where it’s obvious that environmental issues are disproportionately affecting minorities. Children that are either Hispanic or Black in the United States are being severely affected by environmental problems more than adults due to air pollution. The Black and Hispanic communities are experiencing various health problems due to air pollution disproportionately affecting them. In this paper, I will argue that air pollution disproportionately affects Hispanic or Black children in the United States because; they are more likely to have asthma due to air pollution, they’re placed in hazardous areas which causes them to experience air pollution, they face glucose metabolism due to air pollution, and have a higher risk of getting cancer in the future. There are clear indications to intentionality; in addition, Hispanic and Black children are specifically facing crucial health problems that white individuals are not facing due to air pollution disproportionately affecting the Hispanic and Black communities. Firstly, minority children are highly affected by air pollution which causes them to develop asthma. It seems especially prevalent in Latino and African American populations due to living near high-volume roadways. Early exposure to NO2 is associated in an “increased risk for subsequent asthma in Latino and African American children across five geographic
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