Environmental Racism Effects

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First of all, environmental racism is hazardous to health. For example, according to the California department of public health statistics “residents of the county to go to the hospital emergency department for asthma attacks “(Kay and Katz, 2012). This delineates the impact the oil refinery was having on individuals are not forced to live In the vicinity of its toxic air emissions. When individuals are not force to live in environments engulfed in pollutants, subsequently their health tend to be much better with a longer life expectancy. To further illustrate the point, individuals who live near refineries are exposed to “Benzene, mercury, and other hazardous pollutants that have been linked to cancer, reproductive problems, and neurological…show more content…
When oil refinery in their neighborhood there will be high on the list of victims as climate disruptions intensify. “It’s the triple whammy of race poverty and environment converging nationwide to create communities near pollution source where nobody else wants to live”. It’s like the neighborhood these factories are built where made to depress and discourage the people who live there. For example “The new report from the U.N intergovernmental panel on climate change highlights that we are already feeling the pain of global warming across the planet”. This shows that it is already accruing but it’s not really addressed as an important issue. If this issue is not solved it will only get worse leading to world…show more content…
Income or race shouldn’t impact your living conditions. Environmental racism is detrimental to health and the climate is just adding to the problem with birth effect which makes it impossible to look for a better future. Companies should be able to work in nonresidential areas with all this pollution it creates it effects lives and the planet are at risk causing global warming and other natural disaster such as floods, hurricanes, and etc. Also human lives are in the cross fire as this is going on human safety should be and will the top priority in any situation this all plays a major role in environmental racism color and ethnics shouldn’t matter we all are created as equals and should be treated as
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