Environmental Reasons, AndGenetics After Auschwitz, By David Suzuki

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David Suzuki once said, “When we forget that we are embedded in the natural world, we also forget that what we do to our surroundings we are doing to ourselves”(Suzuki 260). Through this quotation, Suzuki was attempting to convey the fact that climate change is a direct repercussion of human interference with the environment and thus every individual will be affected by its impact on our planet. David Suzuki is a world-renowned Canadian geneticist and an environmental activist, most famous for his devotion to the environment and his dedication to raising awareness about the importance of the maintaining the environment in order to create sustainable living conditions for generations to come.Throughout his article “Genetics after Auschwitz,” Suzuki appeals to history by referencing the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, in an attempt to persuade the reader to learn from the past in order to prevent the recurrence of similar events in the future. In another article called “Hidden Lessons,” David Suzuki states that the majority of children today are shielded from the environment because of they are forced to grow-up in urbanized communities. This results in their lack of consideration towards the environment itself and a careless attitude that creates various environmental problems for the human race. David Suzuki persuades and informs the reader of the substantial impact of humans on nature in his articles, “Hidden Lessons” and “Genetics after Auschwitz,” through the use of the

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