Environmental Research Issue : Global Warming

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Kasha Akrami 8/1/16 Ms. Ulmer Ecological Research Issue 1: Global Warming The topic of global warming was first studied and reported by scientists less than a hundred years ago who noticed that large amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could trap infrared radiation and heat from the sun. Today, the topic is one of the most prominent issues discussed by industrial countries that have seen unprecedented heat waves and other weather phenomena turn over ecosystems and even human activity. Global warming is the process by which carbon emissions are released at a rate greater than the time it takes for them to be recycled back into the biosphere. This excess of carbon in our atmosphere has trapped heat from the sun and solar radiation that instead of being released into space, has instead been trapped into a closed system on Earth. The result of this is a planet that has seen its average temperature gradually rise over the past few decades. The causes of these unprecedented levels of carbon emissions are still being disputed between those in the public, from politicians to religious figures. However, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported in 2014 that 95% of scientists attribute these emissions to human activity. Global warming has been most obvious in recent decades, which has seen average temperatures around the globe steadily increase. The effects of global warming are quickly becoming evident as well. China, one of the largest emitters of

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