Environmental Responsibility : The Bp Disaster

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Introduction Arguably, today’s biggest ethical dilemma is environmental responsibility because it is truly our biggest investment in the future. There have been many environmental problems created by business one of the best know was the BP disaster. On the other side you have many businesses that have taken the environmental responsibility in their own hands, such as BestBuy and their fight with electronic waste. Many companies may choose to ignore the environment, they may use the excuse that environmental responsibility is too expensive for their business or that there is nothing they could do to actually help with environmental responsibility. However, this is not true there are things that any business can do to help the environment, no matter how big or small they may be.
Environmental Responsibility Defined To be environmentally responsible a corporation must bring the environment impact of each decision into the decision making process. They must weigh the pros and cons of the way that a decision of the organization could impact the environment now and in the future. A key factor of being a responsible corporation means to act on issues before they are a requirement from the government, in other words it means to be proactive. Being environmentally responsible means to put profitability or returns on their investments on the sidelines and focusing fully on what decisions are best for the environment. Corporations that decide to join this journey are focused on…
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