Environmental Risk

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Environmental Risk Introduction Plastic bags have been around for ages now and have a multitude of different uses. Since the 1960's, people of all ages have been using these multi-purpose bags for a variety of purposes including shopping, carrying personal items and for dumping garbage (Sugii, 2008). Plastic bags are mostly single-use items which consumers can dispose off once used and took the world by storm once introduced, replacing the popular paper bags. Plastic Bags what makes them useful? Plastic bags are made from a thin layer of plastic textile or film, the most popular being Polyethylene, and sealed together by adhesives or heat-sealed. They are available in a variety of design options to offer all kinds of convenience to the consumer. Some have hard or soft handles in order to offer carrying convenience while others boast easy-to-open and seal options to keep its contents airtight. Examples of such bags include the popular Ziploc bags which are often used to refrigerate edible contents while keeping them airtight. Moreover, plastic bags are leak-free and can be used to transport frozen and wet items without worrying about leakage during transportation. The bags can also be developed in different colors and with messages, which do not wear off very quickly, thus making them popular with businesses, which like to offer their own branded shopping bags to customers. The design friendly aspect of plastic bags means there is always room to innovate and customize
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