Environmental Sanctions And Safety Standards

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Introduction Coal is king. The coal industry controls the economy of states, and states rely on it for electricity. However, many families involved in the industry of coal are experiencing profound economic difficulty. This must be resolved to improve the economic disparity in West Virginia, a state known for a large coal mining industry. Many mining families experience this economic difficulty, particularly due to health risks and job situations. Much research has been done into the effects of a large coal industry. “In just the past twenty years, air pollution from coal plants have shortened the lives of more than half a million Americans.” (Jeff Goodell, 2006). Mining kills; and it even affects those uninvolved in the production of it. There are a vast amount of environmental sanctions and safety standards in mines. These are laws and regulations meant to protect the population, yet most do not follow them correctly. Companies must pay for all of this, however paying for regulations cuts into profit margins. These companies manage to still make profit by shutting down deficit mines, but mainly make up costs by laying off employees. This process results in a never-ending cycle of downtrodden individuals trying to make ends meet. Mining is a neutral party, it has negatives and positives, both of which impact the Appalachia community significantly. Mining has a vast assortment of negatives that are constantly being discussed. Mining can damage the environment and
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