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Environmental Scan- Project #1 TOMS Shoes: The One for One Project Kimberly L. Barron Marketing 314 September 17, 2012 “I was so overwhelmed by the spirit of the South American people, especially those who had so little. And I was instantly stuck with the desire- the responsibility- to do more.” (TOMS Shoes. 2012) These are the words of Blake Mycoskie, founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS Shoes on his inspiration for a business that has taken consumers from all different parts of the world by storm and brought them together to help shape the future of an uncountable amount of children. The One for One Project was established to give every consumer the opportunity to help some of our most poverty-stricken communities throughout…show more content…
2011). Social Environment TOMS Shoes main commitment is “to create the biggest impact possible with the shoes [they] give- improving children’s health and access to education - for the long-term.” (TOMS Shoes. 2012). This company modeled their business plan and product line around three key interest that combine health and education to provide children in need with hope for a better tomorrow: 1.) unpaved roads and other hazards cause injury to children walking barefoot in the unsafe terrains of these impoverished countries, 2.) a range of soil-transmitted diseases, such as Helminthiasis, can be prevented simply by wearing shoes, 3.) many nations require that all children wear shoes in order to be able to attend school. TOMS Shoes has made it their mission to provide these children with a pair of shoes to ensure that they are not only healthy but also given the chance to achieve a better education, in hopes that they will then be able to, in return, help their communities (Spaulding, Fernandez, and Sawayda. 2011). As much as TOMS Shoes has done for children all over the world, it would all be impossible without the help of their Giving Partners and the company’s non-profit subsidiary, Friends of TOMS. TOMS Shoes establishes “shoe-giving partnerships with humanitarian organizations worldwide that have a deep experience and long-term presence in the countries and communities
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