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Environmental Scanning Kendra McQueen MGT/498 March 14, 2016 Amy Novoa Environmental Scanning Environmental scanning is an overarching term encompassing the monitoring, evaluation, and dissemination of information relevant to the organizational development of a strategy (Wheelen, Hunger, & Hoffman, Bamford, 2015,). The use of an environmental scan can analyze the competitive advantage of a company, evaluate the strategies a company uses to gain an advantage over their competitors and create value and examine the measurement guidelines and the effectiveness of those guidelines to authenticate strategic effectiveness. Researchers have found a definite connection between profits and environmental scanning. Internal and External…show more content…
Due to the size of the company and vast selection of products, suppliers offer huge discounts. Walmart has ventured into the global market with the purchase of ASDA, the United Kingdom-based retailer. Weaknesses: Controlling an organization as large as Walmart is a massive undertaking. The quality of customer services has suffered. Consumers are displeased by rumors of unfair labor practices alleged by Walmart employees. Supply and demand have also been a problem for the retailer because due to cost disputes with suppliers. The quality of goods has also been questioned by consumers. Walmart has failed to create a strong presence in other countries. Opportunities: Walmart can venture into other countries and form a global relationship with other companies. The retailer could learn from other companies and offer home delivery for their internet sales. Walmart could also venture into the convenience store market to save consumers money. Threats: Threats that Walmart face includes the resistance of smaller local vendors that dislike the large retailer coming into their town and taking the business. Competition from similar businesses is also likely. Consumer trust is a threat to Walmart, and the company has been accused of overworking and underpaying employees, unsafe environmental practices, overworking and underpaying employees, and purchasing cheap products from

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