Environmental Science And Engineering Project

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Environmental Science and Engineering Project name-ratan kumar paswan
roll no-31 avionics topic- eco- design of consumer electronic (myth or reality)


Eco-design is an way of design the product with special consideration for the environmental impacts of the product during its whole lifecycle. Within the present economic, marked by the phenomenon worldwide process, by the awareness of the existence of interdependence between environment and progress, we are become part of the increase of the society 's exigencies regarding the environment protection, exigencies made known by more and more severe regulations. Forced by these regulations, and taking into account the greater significance of the ecological criteria when it comes to classifying products and services, on the market, under the circumstances of a diversified and extremely dynamic offer, more and more organizations are preoccupied with improving their own environment performances. To this purpose, there are organizations that allocate significant amounts of their investment funds, which favours the research-development approach of those environmental friendly processes and products.
Nowadays, the quality philosophy replaces the quality myth. It is obviously not or the product and service quality that is brought into discussion here, but also the relationship quality with the objects, the quality of the personnel, their intellectual and cultural life, and the environment quality, as
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