Environmental Science Internal Assessment

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Project Title

An investigation into the impact of overpopulation and poverty in the community of Highgate for the past Ten (10) years.

Purpose of Project

This investigation was conducted to evaluate the impact of overpopulation and poverty on the community of Highgate for over the last 10 years. The aim is to evaluate the factors causing the growth of the population and the impact of population growth and poverty on the environment.


The researcher would like to express sincere gratitude to the individuals who contributed to the success of the investigation and the completion of this paper.


This school based assessment seeks to both investigate and describe the effect of overpopulation
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Mary, found that majority of the population is women. There were more 25-30 years old in the population, followed by young adults then middle age, the 51-70 years old folk. It was also established that majority persons came to Highgate for job opportunity, then cheaper house access to social services and the least, for other reasons. Majority of the population contain single parents, which are employed and are able to provide all the basic amenities. Most of the houses in the community have over 4 children occupying them. The least of the population had 1 or 2 children occupying them. Majority of these children attend school because it is close to home and they can afford to. The other children do not attend school because they cannot afford to. There are social services available in Highgate and majority of the population uses these services because it is close to home. Some say the wait is too long they bother while others say they have other reason for using/not using them. Majority of the population has access to light and water in the community and majority receive excellent services. Lastly most of the population is educated about family planning.

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