Environmental Science Of High School

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In high school I had the opportunity to take an environmental science class that opened my eyes to how society treats our environment. In turn, I realized the repercussions that those actions have on human health. It is necessary that society make an effort to push towards making human health a priority before making a decision on how the environment will be altered. A majority of our society today is either unaware of the damage they are causing or are in denial. Humans were created to live in a natural and organic world, however as time has gone on and as technology has greatly improved, Earth has become extremely inorganic. This is evident in grocery stores and chain supermarkets because anywhere from sixty to seventy percent of the food made available to us is genetically modified. It is crucial that people become more aware of how the environment and human health are linked. As our society continues to become globalized, the food industry is putting our health more at risk. With the fluctuation in economic development and the rapid increase in population, our environment along with our personal health suffers.
New agriculture practices worldwide, industrialization, and an increase in consumption of energy have all made the world a presumably positive impact on the way people live. However, society as a whole is not doing the best job at recognizing how our modernized world is impacting the environment. Unfortunately, health impacts are not typically marketed, so people
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