Environmental Security Of The Mongolian Economy

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ENVIRONMENTAL SECURITY IN MONGOLIA “When the last animal dies from famine, when the last creek dries up, when the last tree burns down, humankind will understand that money can not be eaten”. -Anonymous author from Mongolia In spite of its wealth of natural resources of the Mongolia, protection of its environment and resource issue has been considered as serious issue. Since 1996, the government has extensively been implementing the policy to use wealth of natural resource in order to promote its economy. Consequently, numerous investments of both national and international actors play foremost role reinforcing threat to its environmental security, however, one might argue that investments on national resource promotes the Mongolian economy. As the economy flourishes, the environment destruction has led to Mongolia’s environmental security. Weak policy from the government to protect its environment and natural resources leads threat to Mongolia’s environmental security. The most serious issue that leads to environmental destruction is weak policy on mining and water management policies. In the absence of proactive measurements from all stakeholders, fresh water resources, such as numerous lakes, rivers, and streams have dried up, resulting in severe water scarcity and quality crisis. Because Mongolian mining sector is considered to be the most harmful donor to environmental destruction unless it is correctly managed and controlled.
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