Environmental Service Project Paper

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ESRM 100 Extra Credit Environmental Service Project Paper 08/05/2013 On 27th July 2013, I embark on my second volunteer service project with EarthCorps to help with the restoration of the forested parklands at Camp Long. The scope of work during this service project was similar to the one that I did at the West Duwamish Greenbelt, which is primarily to remove the invasive species of Himalayan Blackberry. Each year, EarthCorps leads thousands of volunteers in environmental service projects in Western Washington. They work with schools, businesses, nonprofits, government agencies and ultimately the community to work together towards a venture called the Green Seattle Partnership. The objective of this partnership was to “promote a…show more content…
As these seeds start to germinate on the forest floor and grow, they are a threat to the native plant species as they compete against them for nutrients and sunlight. In the case of the English Ivy, they grow on the barks of the native deciduous trees, absorbing nutrients and sunlight, which were meant for the growth of the native trees. Over time, the trees fall behind in the competition for nutrients and sunlight, causing them to weaken and die. The thorn on the stems of the Himalayan Blackberry also prevents wildlife from easy access through the forest floor and hence denying them entry to areas where food for the animals is available. As such, our main goal for the day was to clear out as many invasive Himalayan Blackberries as possible. This would allow a more sustainable environment for our native plant and animal species to thrive and preserve the ecosystem that we once had. Tools such as shovels and garden shears were provided to get down to the root of the Himalayan Blackberry and to dig them out. This was a tedious process for many new volunteers who didn’t know what to expect and were constantly being pricked by the thorns of the Himalayan Blackberry. As the saying goes “ once bitten, twice shy”, I had learnt from my previous service learning experience to wear jeans and a jacket to prevent the thorns from pricking me. In addition, not only did we have to overcome the thorns but as the
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