Environmental Strengths And Weaknesses Of Tara

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Environmental Strengths and Weaknesses Tara also has many strengths in her environment that she utilizes. For example, Tara has developed many friendships at each of her placements. This has allowed her to establish a social network of friends, which she maintains via social media. She also values her faith and attends church as a positive environment. She reports religious participation as a comforting resource for her. Also, her school environment is a strength for Tara. She has a positive relationship with school faculty and feels comfortable and confident enough to engage in classroom discussion. She also utilizes a community program for tutoring to help her achieve her educational goals. Tara 's environment also has areas of weakness to be addressed. She is currently unemployed and unable to provide for herself. It is not known if she has access to public transportation to pursue employment. This would be necessary because she does not currently have a driver 's license. Although Tara participates at school, she does not turn in her homework, which is a continuous contributing factor to her low GPA. Her previous foster mother, Ms. Boot, reported that Tara had difficulty completing her homework. As mentioned, she receives weekly tutoring for reading and math. It is unknown if a deficit in her reading ability contributes to this difficulty. However, homework completion would be necessary to address in order for Tara to reap the full benefits of education. Tara 's…
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