Environmental Sustainability And Global Warming

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Sustainability ‘Sustainability’ and all its connotations have become the term of the millennium thus far, although it was an idea introduced in the 1980’s. It encompasses many interpretations, and has taken on a very loaded and preconceived meaning. Many have a vision of green initiatives and global warming-based issues, but what does it mean to the in today’s society? Even when narrowed to the disciplines of architecture and planning, it is a multifaceted and loaded concept. Kenny and Meadowcroft discuss a shift in this complex term, stating that

“It is worth emphasizing that the notion of sustainability does not in any way imply only one kind of social future as the embodiment of ‘the’ sustainable society. Environmental
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The interest in sustainability is beginning to call into question some of the established modes of disciplinary thinking in the social sciences. Environmental economics began the assault by rattling the bars of its disciplinary cage, but this exercise is gradually being taken forward in other disciplines.”

This point of departure of ‘sustainability’ shows that it has encompassed much more than the shallow context of green house gas emissions and alternative energies. Today, it takes on a much more holistic approach, which also considers social and economic aspects in order to achieve a ‘sustainable’ society. Balancing environmental, economic, and equitable social dimensions (also known as the three E’s) is discussed by Saha and Paterson, as well as case studies on how governments have attempted to classify and address these issues. Some of the dimensions studied included; ecological footprint analysis, energy efficient measures, transportation management, local employment industries, affordable housing provisions, and administration/governance measures. Although approaches to these dimensions vary, the underlying message is that these aspects, which can be generally classified into one of the three E’s, should all be studied and considered to find long-term solutions in development and planning.

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