Environmental Sustainability And Its Effects On The Environment

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A few problems we face in the world today include harmful ozone layer destruction, unmanageable global warming, disgustingly high levels of pollution, dangerously high rates of natural resource depletion, and extinction at astronomical rates. The effect of these issues includes destruction of our trees and plants, food shortages, higher risk of natural disasters, higher risk of unclean water, and a higher risk of cancer (Environmental Problems). These obvious issues have been ravaging our earth for much too long and it is time that people begin to step up and embrace environmental sustainability. While there are groups and foundations working towards creating a more sustainable earth, more active and widespread involvement is necessary. In…show more content…
Problem Facing the World Today There are thirty-four countries in the world that are both advanced agriculturally and predominantly Muslim. These thirty-four Islamic nations account for about 21% of the world’s land surface and about 15% of its cropped area. While the agricultural sector has been a pivotal part of Islamic life for hundreds of years, the practice is becoming more and more difficult. In regards to agriculture today, Lynn White states that “formerly man had been part of nature; now he was the exploiter of nature” (White 3). Due to a lack of environmental awareness, farmland is prone to erosion, usable water is becoming more and more scarce, and the long-term agricultural potential in Islamic nations is decreasing (Tutwiler). Muslims are actually well known for placing a high priority on the environment and conservation. In fact, the Islamic holy book, the Qu’ran, states that “Humans, as God’s successors on earth, should treat the natural environment with the respect and dignity God intended it to have” (Kaltner). So how then, if Muslims value the environment so much, is environmental degradation continuing to occur in Islamic nations? While some may say that it is simply a result of the
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