Environmental Sustainability At Three Wine Making Organisations

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This report examines environmental sustainability at three wine making organisations. This is a qualitative research to explore how often the organisations provide concern related with environmental sustainability issues of a wine production. Interviews have used to collect information about environmental issues and activities to deal with the problems in the three companies. The interviews have produced amounts of contextual data that should be analysed to get key information related with the aim of research. NVivo10 is used to analyse the information about what prominent issues of the environment and effort to solve the problems in each organisation. Then, combining any significant issues across three organisations to conclude their focus on dealing with environmental sustainability.

Environmental issues
Analysis result shows that there are approximately eight environmental issues among the three organisations, such as water, climate change, biodiversity, waste, energy, ecosystem benefits, soil health, and erosion. Each organisation has slightly different of main environmental issues. Meanwhile, each organisation has different priority for each issues.
Figure 1 displays concerned issue of environment in three wine making organisations. The decision of concerned issue is based on the how many times their mention the issues at the interview. Figure 1 depicts that water is the prominent environmental issue for all three organisations, but wine 1 give
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